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wedding 2 kemang village apartment jakartawedding 1 kemang village apartment jakartawedding 1 kemang village apartment jakarta

wedding 4 apartment jakartaWhat Kind of environment and surroundings do you picture for your wedding day?

That perfectly dressed bride or groom, the smiles and tears of joy flowing down your family faces, the tasty food, the wonderful decor, the fabulous guest; or the memorable moment you'll cherish the rest of your life?

Whatever it is, surroundings, environment, and atmosphere define how your wedding will be remembered. With the architectural excellence achieved through the simplicity of the modern feel, Kemang Village Wedding Convention, designed by Bill Bensley, with its subtle interior and clean lines of glass walls, takes the aesthetic of any wedding ceremony to a higher level

In years to come, you'll take another look at the special time. You'll want to remember it as the best day of your life. The day when Kemang Village Wedding Convention became a memorable part of your walk to a whole new destination.

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